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as i'm finding Dexed good for the Volca FM, it occured to me
that a plugin version of Voysyr would be very useful. still a
half-baked idea, and can't really justify it  ;D - so lets say
it could allow little prep' sessions for both volcas together,
perhaps, without having to skip from one program to the
other, and make it easier to find files, and perhaps have
some sort of sampling front end integration for the Sample.

any thoughts on this? how difficult would it be to wrap the
excellent Voysyr as a VST plugin ?

First i want to say that the sound of the tapedelay is great, but usually when i start up my program, certain tracks in the sequenser are muted. Then when i twist the volumeknop on the tapedelay up a bit and then back to the position the sound will return on the tracks. ( some of those tracks doesnt have the tapedelay as plugin.)its not really a major problem , but is there a way out of that. <BR> <BR>pel,Copenhagen


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