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FIX FOUND! (Err decod)


BUG: Samples doesn't upload, display shows "Err" & "decod" and the knobs are blinking.

FIX: Uninstall "Dolby Digital" and "Dolby Surround" Plugins on your Computer!

Info: Many Notebooks and Computer come with preinstalled bullshit applications. There are probably more audio plugins that cause problems. Just uninstall them, and let us know about what worked for you. Thanks!

ps: ASIO4ALL should not cause problems. BUT if you are using Ableton or an other DAW you either have to quit the program or desable the audio driver in the preferences of your DAW, to upload samples with vosyr. It's a priority thing in the communication between each program and your soundcard.


Hi all just registered on the forum.

I also was getting the dcod/crc error while using dedicated audio hw (ie external audio board).

Started using embedded computer board (realtek hd something in my case) all problems gone! working PERFECTLY.

now i understand why i bought volca sample, i was missing the point lately with only default kit available to me... I have to say that vosyr add lots of value this 'not  expensive'  machine... really wonderful software!

thanks a lot for making it available!

Just to confirm that disabling Dolby Audio fixed the problem for me.
On my Windows 10, there was a 'Dolby Audio' tab in playback device properties window. You can check the steps here: http://imgur.com/gallery/W8k6L


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